The BSTModelKit.jl package provides methods to construct, solve, and analyze Biochemical Systems Theory (BST) models of biochemical reaction networks.

This site provides background information on Biochemical Systems Theory (BST) models, installation instructions for the package and associated toolchain, a quick start guide and examples, and a description of the application programming interface (API) for the package.

Funding and Disclaimer#

The work described here was supported by the following grants: The Interaction of Basal Risk, Pharmacological Ovulation Induction, Pregnancy and Delivery on Hemostatic Balance NIH NHLBI R-33 HL 141787 (PI’s Bernstein, Orfeo) and the Pregnancy Phenotype and Predisposition to Preeclampsia NIH NHLBI R01 HL 71944 (PI Bernstein).

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